Top 5 things to do in Summer

Soooooooo, everyone living in New Zealand might agree with me that it hasn’t exactly felt like Summer ever since the Summer months came about.

However, there have been the odd days where the sun was out, no cloud in site, blue skies and a hot day. These were the days that I’m sure everyone made the most out of, packed their cars and away they go to enjoy the day.

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Walks by the river

To celebrate the New year and the birthday of one of our good friends, a surprise trip to the Karangahake Gorge was planned for her.

It was our first time as a group to go on an overnight road trip so it was definitely an amazing time filled with lots of laughter, stories and silliness.

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10 things I like about Summer

1. Beautiful bright colours and shades

2. Different unique prints – from flowers, to animal prints to fruits to tribal prints and other more!

3. Printed harem pants – very comfy and lightweight for the summer!

4. Denim and cargo shorts – great for outdoor activities and those very hot days!

5. Summer dresses and skirts – feeling the summer sun and wind on your legs is just wonderful especially on hot days!

6. Different patterned and coloured bathing suits – makes the beach a lot more colourful and vibrant!

7. Sandals and jandals – the freedom your feet feel in these!

8. Able to accessorize more – layering up your necklaces or your bracelets or even having hair accessories!

9. Summer hats – I love the different styles they come in. Need to get myself one actually!

10. And pretty much for the fact that you don’t have to bundle up anymore!

What do you like about Summer Fashion?