2016, what a year!

So we finally reached the end of the year.

Another year over and another year to conquer.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by but least to say, a lot of amazing things has┬áhappened.

I thought I would just take this time to look back at the year and highlight some of the many things I am thankful and grateful for.

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It’s not all about the presents

One more week till Christmas!!

Seriously, this year has just zoomed past too quickly. I feel like we just celebrated Christmas yesterday but here we are about to celebrate another one. I’m not complaining though since I love Christmas! ­čśë

I thought I would just take this time to reflect on what Christmas means to me.

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Monthly goal: October

Seeing that a new month has started, I thought it would be a good idea to pick up on my series “Monthly goals”.

I haven’t been doing monthly goals to be quite honest with you, but, reading back through my old posts, I realized that this was something beneficial to pick up on again. As hard as it may be, I will try my hardest to accomplish these monthly goals and I challenge you to do the same.

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Back to University

Well, what do you know. Another school year once again (and hopefully my last ever semester!).

I’ve been on summer holidays for about four months now, which means I need to start getting myself mentally and physically ready to take on this semester.┬áHaving to only do one more paper makes it both hard and easy for me. Hard, because it will mean I will need to really put a lot of effort to make sure I don’t leave the study to last and push it away since “it’s just one paper”. Easy, because that means I will only need to worry about this paper and be able to focus my entire study time to it.

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