It’s such a weird feeling that I will be celebrating my first Mother’s day this year.

Although, my baby hasn’t been born, having her in my womb makes me a mother, her mother.

As this year’s mother’s day approaches, it made me reflect more greatly on the love and care my mum has given me, as my own love for my unborn child grows and grows each day.

I can only imagine the excitement my parents would have felt when I was in the womb, as my husband and I share the same joy and excitement to have this wee little one on the way.

I can only imagine the love that my mum grew for me whilst I was in her, without having held me yet, as I feel this out pouring of love for this little one I have not met but feel moving inside of me.

I can only imagine the amount of care my own mother would have done to protect me, even while I was in her womb and to ensure I grew and developed into a healthy baby, as I am ever so wary of protecting my own little one in every way possible.

I can only imagine the struggles my mum had to go through being pregnant and having to give birth to me, as  I experience my own struggles in my pregnancy and preparing for labour in a few months time.

I can only imagine the joy and happiness my parents experienced when they finally got to hold me in their arms, as I am so eagerly awaiting for that day to hold my little one and kiss her.

I can only imagine the ever growing love, support and pain my mum endured for me as she raised me, as I already know how much I’m ready to give my self to this little one.

Only now, that I’m entering motherhood, have I had a better understanding of a mother’s love for her own child.

There is no greater bond than the love of a mother for her child.

There are no boundaries.

It is selfless.

I’m ever so thankful for my wonderful mother who has raised me to be the woman I am now and for everything she has taught me and done for me. It may not show at times how much I appreciate everything she does, but, I do, very much, deep inside. Thank you for teaching me selfless love and I hope I can be as great of a mother to my little one. ❤

Don’t forget to show your dearly beloved mothers, on this special day and everyday, your great love and appreciation for her! 🙂

Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful mum’s out there! Hope you get spoilt 😉






My ever changing body

As I stepped on that scale and saw those numbers go passed what I normally am, I felt a little drop in my heart.

As I put on my pants, I found myself struggling to button it up.

As I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is my ever growing belly.

5 months into pregnancy and my belly is starting to pop.

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What 6 months into Marriage has taught me…

In light of our 6 month anniversary of marriage, I took time out to reflect and look back on those past few months.

It’s been a crazy 6 months but also the best moments of my life.

A lot of adjustments has occurred, a lot of memorable memories already made but also some trialing times.

Marriage is indeed very beautiful and it has taught me so many things already.

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New Year resolutions

Another year, another set of resolutions.

You may or may not be into this kind of thing but I think it’s a good idea to make resolutions for the year. It helps me see where I’m wanting to head this year, what things I want to accomplish, things I’d like to learn, things I’d like to try, things I’d like to do and experience, things I want to improve on and so much more.

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2016, what a year!

So we finally reached the end of the year.

Another year over and another year to conquer.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by but least to say, a lot of amazing things has happened.

I thought I would just take this time to look back at the year and highlight some of the many things I am thankful and grateful for.

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It’s not all about the presents

One more week till Christmas!!

Seriously, this year has just zoomed past too quickly. I feel like we just celebrated Christmas yesterday but here we are about to celebrate another one. I’m not complaining though since I love Christmas! 😉

I thought I would just take this time to reflect on what Christmas means to me.

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