Success and Accomplishments

There may be times where you feel everyone around you is moving on with their lives, achieving this and that, while you feel stuck in the same place.

It’s normal to feel that way.

I feel that way at times.

I sometimes wish I was in the place of the other person, sometimes feel a little envious of what they have achieved, and fill my head with a lot of what if’s or if only’s.

To be quite frank with you, it’s not the greatest feeling at all.

Instead of believing in ourselves, we deem our own self as not worthy and bring ourselves down. We start to compare our lives to others.

We have to believe in ourselves more and realize that we are as successful as the others. It might not be the biggest achievement that is noticed by everyone but even in the smallest things, we have already achieved something great.

Our successes and achievements will not be the same as others. Our life course differs and therefore, we all encounter different events. Don’t let the achievement of others bring you down but instead, make it a motivation for your own.

We have to be happy wherever we are in life. We grow in our own pace, we achieve things in our own way.

To be successful, we too rejoice in the achievements of others. Together we grow and cheer on one another.

You are great in your own way.

Keep that head held high. Only have positive thoughts and vibes.

Being you is the greatest achievement. đŸ™‚


A successful person is a dreamer who believed in themselves.




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