To De-stress

I’m the type of person that likes to be on the go all the time.

My mind is running continuously even during times when it doesn’t need to be.

Sometimes, I worry and stress too much and if it’s a real thing, I stress unconsciously!

I’ve always tried not to stress too much but sometimes I just cant help it but really I must not have tried harder to do something about it.

This year, I told myself that I will make more time for me to enjoy things rather than be in my corner of worry and stress.

I thought today, I would just share what I have been doing to help me wind down and enjoy time even if it’s just a few minutes out of my day.

  1. Walks/Hikes – Living and working in town makes it very easy for me to accomplish going on walks everyday. To and from work is about a 20 minute walk one way and I also make sure to go on a walk around lunch time for about a total of 20 minutes. In that alone, I get about an hours walk per day alone. On weekends, especially during the Summer, my husband and I have been going on a few hikes which was amazing as we were able to explore new places and  just be far away from the city. These walks just gave me a lot of breathing space, fresh air and allowed my mind to let go for a moment of whatever was burdening it.
  2. Exercise – I’m not a very fit person or one that is really into exercising but ever since I started doing the walks/hikes more often, it got me wanting to really get my fitness up. My husband and I joined the gym for a few months but both decided we weren’t really the gym type and preferred to do work outs on our own. I came across Pilates and I just love doing it. I do work outs online and they are just as great. It helps release tension in the muscle and just gives you that stretch you require after a busy day at work. I feel so good after it, like a heavy weight has been removed off from my shoulders!
  3. Read a book – I love to read but with my thinking of, I have ‘no time’ at all to sit and read, never really got any chance to pick up a book. I decided this year that I wanted to read a lot more, at least 1 book a month. In February, I managed to finish 2 books in a span of a week total. I like reading because it takes your mind into a whole new world, where you can let your imagination loose and run wild. It takes your mind off the busyness of life for a moment. In saying this, I need to get my books for this month!
  4.  Don’t let the little things get to you – This one is a hard one for me. I’m a worrier, so when I see a problem somewhere it gets to me or when someone annoys me or does something I’m not happy about, it gets me. I’ve told myself, if it’s not harming me or it’s just really a tiny little thing that can be fixed so easily, to just get over it. Let it pass. Don’t overthink. When I start feeling like this over the littlest thing, I try turn my mind to something else or take a deep breath and say a little prayer.
  5. Movies – I love to watch movies! A lot more than TV actually. I don’t watch movies often but when I do, it really helps me take my mind off things and gets me relaxed. Comedy movies are great on tough days but I do enjoy thriller/action movies too.
  6. Prayer – This really helps me a lot since it’s really some private time alone to speak my heart and mind and what bothers me or what things stresses/worries me. It helps a lot even if it doesn’t solve all my worries, it gives me time to reflect and see things in a new light.

Being stressed is hard for some and for some can be something normal to them but trust me, take the time to de-stress. You will feel a lot better in every aspect possible and have better relationships with others.

It will be good for you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It will help you become a happier person and see life in a better way.

Keep smiling 🙂



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