Monthly reflections

For those that know me, I love my stationary and one of my favorite stationary piece is a planner. Every year, I’m overly excited to get a new one and pick what style or design I will be going for. However, this year, it took me longer than usual since I tried using an electronic planner. Well, it didn’t really turn out as good as I hoped, since I’m really the type of person that needs to write things down in order to remember and get the flow of it.

So there I went on my search for my 2017 planner. I had an idea what I wanted the layout to be but just could not find the best suitable one for me. It took a lot of searching before I came across FRANK stationary.

What attracted me the most to their planners was their feature of monthly reflections at the beginning and end of each month.

In the beginning of the month, you get to reflect on what you want to focus on and what you are looking forward to for the month. It’s great because here you can set your goals for the month an actually get you hyped for what the month has to bring.

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Then at the end of each month, you get to examine on how you went on your focus for the month and what was the best moment of the month and do an overall evaluation of how the month went for you by ticking the best word for it.

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When I came across it, I just thought it was perfect and what I needed since I do try to do monthly goals and do a review each month. I think it is an important thing to be able to reflect once in awhile and keep on track how we are going in life. It can help us better ourselves, strive higher and look at areas of improvement.

Another aspect I liked, was that in the beginning of the planner you get to set your New Year Resolutions/goals. I just found it so handy because then, I have something I can look back on constantly and actually not forget my resolutions!

If you’re like me, then definitely this planner will be your best friend when it comes to reminding you of your day to day happening but also personal goals.

Find the best that works for you and how you can reflect on yourself once in awhile. Everyone has their own unique way of doing things. 😉



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