Top 5 things to do in Summer

Soooooooo, everyone living in New Zealand might agree with me that it hasn’t exactly felt like Summer ever since the Summer months came about.

However, there have been the odd days where the sun was out, no cloud in site, blue skies and a hot day. These were the days that I’m sure everyone made the most out of, packed their cars and away they go to enjoy the day.

Regardless of it not being the Summer everyone had been waiting for, I thought I’d share my top 5 Summer to do’s.

  1. Road Trips – This might be with your family or a group of friends. Choose a destination where you all would like to visit, see and explore or may be a trip to your batch. Driving during the Summer is always so beautiful. You get to see such beautiful scenery and just have the sun and blue skies to look forward too!
  2. Strawberry picking – I have to be honest with you, I haven’t done this myself but my family have and they enjoyed it! You get to handpick your very own strawberries and maybe after get some freshly made strawberry ice cream! I’ve tried the ice creams and they are massive but taste so amazing.
  3. Go on hikes – Summer is the best time to do this. There are just so many hikes to choose from that you will never run out of places! It just depends on how far you are willing to travel and how often you want to do the hikes. Trust me, the views are worth the travel and walk you have to do. 😉 Ones I’ve been to and would recommend doing if you are in the area would be Karangahake Gorge walk, KiteKite falls track, and the Cathedral Cove walk.
  4.  Have a barbecue – This does not exactly need to involve putting on a barbecue but having meals outside. However, doing barbecues is just the kiwi summer thing to do and who doesn’t like a good barbecue? 😉 Meals outside are just so refreshing and enjoyable. You get the sun on you, the fresh air and just the feeling of Summer all around.
  5. Beach, Beach, Beach – Of course, how could you not do this during Summer?!? This has got to be the must on the list. Beach days are just cool-off days where you can relax and laze around. Cool down in the water or lay under sun with a good book. I’m so thankful for the beautiful beaches we have here in Auckland. Always so refreshing and the water so clear and blue.

So, there you have it. My top 5 to do’s during the Summer.

What’s your Summer to do’s?  🙂


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