Walks by the river

To celebrate the New year and the birthday of one of our good friends, a surprise trip to the Karangahake Gorge was planned for her.

It was our first time as a group to go on an overnight road trip so it was definitely an amazing time filled with lots of laughter, stories and silliness.

The drive from Auckland was about an 1 hour and 45 minutes. The drive wasn’t very pleasant at all since that morning was a very gloomy and rainy one. However, thanks to our prayers, it started to clear up once we started out on the hike just after lunch.

As much as the surprise goes, the birthday girl was coming from the Coromandel and the original plan with her boyfriend was to meet at the start of the hike at 11 am. But, being her, the stubborn girl that she is (don’t worry we love you ;)), we waited for a good 2 hours! It was such a wait that we ended up exploring the beginning of the hike a little bit and actually got to the point of playing eye spy.

Onto the hike. I have to say, if you are ever around here, I would recommend doing this. There are different routes you can take with each having its on length. We did two routes  that took about 2 hours in total but the views were just amazing. Everywhere you turned, it was surrounded by the river and the sound of it was just very peaceful and calming. Views looking up was just amazing with high rock formations and greenery everywhere! See for yourself on the pictures down below 🙂

The area was an old mining field and therefore a lot of tunnels and mining rail tracks. Not all tunnels you have access to but the thought of it’s use back in the day was just amusing to me.

I definitely recommend doing this hike if you are around the North Island. The little towns of Paeroa and Waihi are not long away, so accomodation, grocery shops and food outlets are very close by. It’s a beautiful hike to experience the beauty of nature and would definitely go back to do the other routes. You can even bike around too, if that’s your thing! Come on, put on those hiking gear and take that step. 🙂





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