It’s not all about the presents

One more week till Christmas!!

Seriously, this year has just zoomed past too quickly. I feel like we just celebrated Christmas yesterday but here we are about to celebrate another one. I’m not complaining though since I love Christmas! 😉

I thought I would just take this time to reflect on what Christmas means to me.

Christmas is the season that gives us renewed hope, love and joy.

With the birth of baby Jesus, it gives us much delight and cheer to know of His coming.

His birth encourages us to gather together and embrace the life we have been given.

To be of humble hearts and to have the spirit of service and giving to everyone we come across.

Our lives may not be the most lavish or what we would have liked it to be but to rejoice in it regardless of our own wants. He was born in a stable. Not the best place fit for a King but still a lot of joy came out of it.

We may not get a long with some people or dread seeing some family members but it is the season to come as one united font and hopefully, renew a better relationship. Just like how Joseph despite knowing of Mary’s pregnancy whom he was betrothed to, chose to still take her as his wife and be united to her.

Gift giving is a very special tradition of this season, however as time has progressed, the season has focused a lot on materialism. Gift giving does not have to be all about the material things. It really is what you know will put a smile on the other’s face. Yes, it may be an item bought that you knew she’s been wanting all this time but it can also be items that have been DIY’ed or baked. Just like the Three Kings and the Shepherds. Gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were presented to the Baby Jesus but their presence would have been the greatest gift they could have given. They didn’t need to be at the stable but their hearts lead them there.

Gift giving can also just be in the form of your presence. You may visit an old family member in the rest home or living alone or inviting them over for a Christmas dinner or even just being there for someone you know who is struggling a lot during this time. May we be more like Mother Mary who, despite of her pregnancy still chose to travel miles to be with her cousin Elizabeth who was nearing the birth of her son.

Maybe in this last week leading up to Christmas, to reflect more on the spirit of spreading the love and cheer. Give that smile to everyone you come across. Give that compliment. Bake some goodies for some friends. Spend time with family and friends. Don’t let all the hustle and bustle of the week drown you.

Remember, it’s not all about the material presents but the gifts that come from the heart.

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Christmas with all your loved ones! 🙂








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