Monthly goals: December

I hate to break it to you guys but……………….. it’s December!!

The most festive time of the year!

It also means 2016 is about to end. The last month of the year to start another hard working goal! Let’s end this year with a bang 😉

This December, in preparation for Christmas, I suggest giving up something you absolutely enjoy or do something extra special for someone or even doing more of something you ‘hate’.

Let’s say you’re like me who dies for chocolate, you might want to give that up or maybe limit yourself to a piece a week or something like that. Another one would be trying to volunteer in your community. Maybe doing some visits to rest homes, doing some carols and just sparking up conversations up with the elderly there. If you’re one who absolutely dreads doing the dishes, then maybe you can offer to di them more this month. Who knows, you might end up finding it  not that bad 😉

Christmas is the time to spread joy and happiness and live out the spirit of giving. I know those are things that should happen everyday but especially this Christmas, let’s do more of it and spread the Christmas cheer and love to those who need it the most.

From the deepest part of your heart, whatever you choose to offer up or do, will be the greatest gift you can give to someone this Christmas. 🙂





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