Missing out on the present

A lot of the time when you look up, all you see are heads looking down on their phones or straight into their computer screens.

A lot of the time, you miss out on the beauty of whats around by being locked to these screens.

A lot of the time, you miss out on a good conversation because you are preoccupied with these screens

A lot of the time, you miss out on the good company you have because your screen screams for your attention.

This technology era has left us valuing screen relationships more than real relationships that are face to face.

Not to say that technology is a great evil, but, to have a good balance between the use of them and enjoying the present moment with those around us.

Technology is amazing when it comes to contacting people, reconnecting with people or sharing amazing events to those far away from you.  However, we shouldn’t allow it to take over our lives that we miss out on relationships and important events happening right in front of us.

I recommend taking time off from technology, wifi, phones, laptops, music and breathe in the beautiful fresh air and admire the scenery of life.

You’ll notice more things that you’ve never noticed before. You’ll get to know people more and form deeper friendships. You’ll be able to value your family and friends’ company a lot more and be able to provide your undivided attention towards them.

It may be hard but slot out a time during your day where you can put away your technology for a bit. Maybe during dinner time with the family, just before bed, coming home from work or even while out with friends to try and do a no technology hang out. If you were wanting to really get away from it, I recommend going on a mini holiday to a place where it’s hard to access any sort of wifi, reception what-so-ever.

I’ve given it a go and I felt free.

I enjoyed my surroundings a lot better and valued quality time with those around me.

Like with everything, having a good balance of technology use and being able to acknowledge and value the present happenings will make a better life. 🙂




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