Wedding planning: Themes

As a little girl, I always wondered and imagined what my wedding day would be like. I haven’t been to many weddings at all but I always loved watching wedding videos online and see the different kind of weddings and what type of themes and decor people would do.

When it came to planning my wedding, I was so excited that I was about to see my dream wedding as a little girl come to life.

From day 1, I always knew the colour scheme would be purple. If you ask any of my friends, it wasn’t a surprise to them when I told them the colour scheme would be purple. To be quite honest, know one really had to ask!

As for the overall theme, I knew right away I wanted a rustic vintage look. Ever since I was in high school I liked that look ,but I never thought that it would end up to be my wedding theme until I was browsing through good old Pinterest. There, I was able to find so many ideas on decor, layouts, centre pieces and more. It was definitely my best friend when it came to visual thoughts and how I wanted things to look. I’m not really the type to go on wedding magazines or anything like that, so Pinterest and google were very helpful to me!

You might think purple and rustic vintage don’t really tie in together, well yes, not entirely, but I had touches of purple incorporated. My bridesmaids dresses were purple, the flowers had touches of purple, ribbons on chairs had a purple-sh tulle tied around, the cake had purple butterflies on it. It ended up working together!

For those, trying to figure out what theme or colours you would like for your special day, I do recommend taking some time out to just think about the things you like and enjoy. Go on Pinterest, Google, wedding magazines, blogs or even talk to people and share ideas! I know it’s not very easy since you would want it to be all perfect and exactly how you imagine it, but trust me, don’t let that be a worry to you. Just go with what you’re happy with and trust in the people helping you out.

That’s what I did. I told my wedding planner what exactly I had in mind, showed her pictures and she got right to it. I have to say, I didn’t let it worry me even a little. I had done my part and I trusted her creativity to bring it to life the best she could. And let me tell you, she had outdone herself. I only saw all the layout and decor on the wedding day itself, both at the church and the ceremony, and I was in so much awe seeing it.

As soon as I saw everything, I couldn’t help but tell myself, “This is what my wedding day was going to look like. Little Kristle, this is what you always dreamed of.”



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