Visiting Hobbits

10 years in this beautiful country, where all the magic of hobbits, wizards, elves and dwarfs were brought to life and only did I get to visit this well known “Hobbiton” last August.

As you walk through those same gates that Bilbo Baggins runs through in the movie, you automatically enter a whole new world. Hobbit holes everywhere, clothing lines with clothes drying, a vegetable garden, fire coming out of the chimneys. The place is lively as it can get!

You get a guided tour in the Shire, where they tell you all about how the hobbit holes were made and all the hard work and effort they put into making it what it is today. They have different hobbit hole sizes, small ones to make you feel taller (this how they gave the illusions of Gandalf being very tall) and bigger ones to make you feel small like the hobbits.

Like I mentioned earlier, they even have a real veggie garden which they harvest and grow crops in! Amazing!

The experience is quite magical and its a bonus if you have seen the movies, as you will definitely be able to picture the different scenes that occurred, making the experience a lot better.

At the end of the tour, they take you to The Green Dragon, which is the pub of the hobbits. There they offer you free hobbit drinks (beer) and the chance to order some food for a quick break before you head back home. They also have some hobbit costumes for you to try on if you’re up for it!

I would definitely say, if you are in the country, this is one you would not want to miss! You get front seats to the world of Hobbiton which is pretty amazing to experience!



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