Things University taught me

I finally finished my University  studies last June and had my graduation ceremony in September. It’s such a weird feeling knowing that my schooling years are now over. It was something that felt like was never going to end but here we are. Done and dusted!

I have to say , I’m quite happy to be done with University. I did 4 1/2 years and to me that was a lot of studying and need a break (so props to do those that do 6 years!). Those 4 1/2 years consisted of a change in degree after a year, catching up on papers and redoing 1 paper. It came with all the stresses, late nights, breakdowns and discouragement on myself but it also came with a lot of lessons, accomplishments and new friendships formed.

Some may think University is all about study, tests, exams and more study but in the background you are developing a lot of key values, habits and attitudes that will help you once you get out into the workforce and for the rest of your life.

So, you might ask, what has University taught me?

  1. Organisation and time management skills – This may be a quality that I already had due to my personality, but, during University I was able to develop it more and put it into practice. Not only did I have to organise and manage my time when it came to studying and assignments, but it also helped me get organised in my everyday life. I was able to organise and manage my time well when I had to incorporate all my personal events together, family outings, when to get my studying done, catching up with friends, doing this event and that. It helped me juggle all my activities well and allowed me to accomplish more.
  2. Critical thinking – University helps you develop your deeper thinking. Not only do we have to think of the obvious but ideas outside the box is strongly encouraged. It helps you to have that interest, question certain things, and doing own research to find out the answers. This is a skill that is very handy when it comes to the ‘real world’. Your thinking will definitely be challenged in one form or the other!
  3. Team work – Not all degrees may be based on a lot of team work, but, I’m sure somehow, there would have been a project or two that you might have had to work with someone else or within a team. Team work is very key as you get to develop further skills such as leadership, inter-personal skills, sharing of ideas, communication with one another, working together and more. Thinking of the other is another skill that you develop in team work. Since it’s not only you, you know that you got to pull your own weight to get the team going and be successful. You have that attitude of “what else can I do to help the team be better”.
  4. Social skills – This is definitely a big thing. At University, you and your friends may not be doing the same degree or be in the same classes and therefore are forced to be with strangers. This is the best time to develop those social skills. Sitting next to someone new, trying to spark up conversation  and getting to know them may be always awkward the first few time but hey, you never know, that one conversation may end up in a life long friendship! This social skill is key when it comes to jobs. It helps you with networking and like they say, “It’s not what you know but who you know”. 😉

Those were the 4 key things that I feel University has impacted on me greatly. Even if I’m currently not working in the field I graduated in, I can definitely say that those skills I listed has helped me to this day to get where I am. 🙂


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