Wedding planning 101

For those of you that have gone through this ordeal knows how much work, effort and stress you actually go through. I, for one thought that this would just be a breeze, easy and everything will just fall into place. To be honest, I don’t know what world I was living in to actually be thinking that!

Thankfully, before the planning actually took off, I took time out to read some blogs/articles of what to expect or how to go about wedding planning. This definitely opened my eyes and really got me prepared as I dove into this.

I thought I would just share my experiences and how I went about organising this big day with very minimal stress and worry!

  1. Create a spreadsheet: On this spreadsheet, list all your guests. You can either do one column for you and another for your fiance. Then, do another sheet where you can jot down who you want on your bridal party, jobs that need assigning before and on the day itself. Lastly, add another sheet for a budget track record. I’ve attached snippets of how my wedding planning spreadsheet was laid out and I’ve also attached how I kept record of our wedding expenses. By all means, you can give it a go, amend to what your wedding expenses are but those categories were basically what we had. Hope it helps!wedding-spreadwedding-budget1
  2. To do lists: I can not recommend this enough! With everything you will have to do, things to deal with, appointments to go to, you will definitely need a little helper. For me, I just wrote this down on my weekly diary along with other scheduled things so I’m able to incorporate everything together. I should mention also to include your ‘to buy’ things as well!
  3. File all your supplier contracts: Very important!! It’s very important to have all this in place together. Whether its in a folder in your laptop or an actual physical one. This is key, if ever anything does happen with your supplier.
  4. Make an ideas board: This does not have to be an actual physical board, especially if you’re like me who doesn’t really have the time to do it. You can just have a folder of pictures or even have an online board (Pinterest) to store all your wedding ideas, decors, colour themes, flowers etc. I think it’s very handy as you are able to visualise what you want, show it to suppliers and even can have friends and family help out keeping an eye out for things that fit into your wedding scheme!
  5. Talk to people: This is very important. Talk to people about your ideas, what exactly you are wanting or feeling, what you don’t like and basically just about everything. It just helps lighten up the mood. It’s also not a bad idea to ask for help. People will be very willing and as a matter of fact, honoured that you asked for their help!

So that’s my basic top 5 handy tips that really helped me through! In upcoming blog posts, I will be going into more details on specific areas of the wedding planning and how I tackled them. Stay tuned for those! 🙂



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