March Goal

Here we are, with another month just passed and a new one beginning. 2016 isn’t getting any slower!

Well, a new month means, another monthly goal, however, I would like to first share my experience with my February goal.

The moment of truth. It did not go as well I had expected. I actually forgot about it half the month to be quite honest…

I felt very bad when it came to my realization that February was coming to an end and that I did not put a lot of effort on working on it. I really wanted to get walking into my routine but I guess one, laziness and two, forgetfulness, left me unsuccessful. Even though my goal for the month of February failed, I’m still going to keep pushing with these goals. It’s a learning lesson for me. It allows me to form new ideas on how to tackle the next goal in order for me to succeed in it. From this, my end resolution for the month, was to think of a type of exercise that I think I will enjoy and really want to do and then see where that will lead to. Whether it be some dance cardio at the gym, zumba, or even just doing exercises by the accompaniment of an exercise video in the comfort of my own home.

Now, for the month of March, I have decided to at least read one book. I love to read but for some reason, it’s the one thing that I’m not able to do at all. I guess it’s due to the process of having to find a book of interest and actually getting it into my hands. I prefer to read from the actual book itself rather than online books, so finding the time to head to the library is an issue. One other issue is that, mystery type of books are the ones that I really enjoy to read and finding good ones is hard. So far, I’ve really only read those from the same author, Mary Higgins Clark. Her mystery books are just so intriguing that it takes you into the story itself. I have to admit, sometimes when I’m reading at night in my room, by myself, I tend to get chills and feel a bit scared. That’s when I tell myself it’s bed time! I recommend giving her books a go if you’re into crime/mystery.

In saying that, a few weeks ago, I started reading another one of her amazing books and can not way to finish it and get hooked on another. I’m not yet half way so I’m hoping to get that done before the month ends and hopefully start a new one (and new kind of genre too!) next month.

What will your March goal be? 🙂



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