Back to University

Well, what do you know. Another school year once again (and hopefully my last ever semester!).

I’ve been on summer holidays for about four months now, which means I need to start getting myself mentally and physically ready to take on this semester. Having to only do one more paper makes it both hard and easy for me. Hard, because it will mean I will need to really put a lot of effort to make sure I don’t leave the study to last and push it away since “it’s just one paper”. Easy, because that means I will only need to worry about this paper and be able to focus my entire study time to it.

All in all, it really just means, I need to get myself organised.

Some of you may be on the same boat as me, where you still don’t want school to begin and just continue on with the summer but let’s face it, we both know, Summer was going to end one way or another

So here are some tips to get you in the zone and help you prepare:

  1. Get a diary – if you’re like me, this helps me a lot with my day to day errands and meetings. It helps me remember the things I have to do for a particular day and what meetings or people I have to see.
  2. Start getting your stationary – this might be one of my favourite parts. Getting new notebooks and pens. This excitement then leads on to the excitement for the start of University as I’ll be able to use them then!
  3. Clean your study space – I always try to keep a clean desk at home and file my things neatly but we’re all human and there are times where I just end up dumping everything on my desk. So this is a good time to clear up all the unnecessary things from your desk and have a fresh, ready space for for study time and assignments.
  4. Create your day schedule – plot out when your classes are, when you can do some study and write up notes, when you can catch up with a friend or classmate, when you can have some downtime, when you can go for a walk.
  5. Create your motivational corner – this could just be a collage that you’ve made and use as a screensaver or it could be some quotes you’ve typed up and framed for your desk or even if it’s just a daily reminder on your phone to help you get through the semester.
  6. Check your wardrobe – it’s important to have a look if you’re needing some newer pieces for the new school year. It’s not necessary to purchase new clothes but to just double check if there are some things you need to replace or create a new outfit.

How do you get yourself prepared for the new school year? I’d love to know!

I wish you all the best for your studies. Do your best, work hard but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too! 🙂

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