Exam preparations

Well guys, it’s that time of the year again. Exam time.

I know it’s just not me but it’s my least favourite time of the year and something that I don’t really look forward to. For some reason, when exam period arrives, I become so lazy and a lot more interesting things pop up. It really is a struggle during this time of the year. Sometimes, I wonder how I’ve pulled through!

As I prepare for my own exams that are happening next week, I thought I’d just share some tips that help me get through and allows me to be very productive.

  1. Plan way ahead: Once I get my exam schedule, I’m straight into my diary planning my study schedule. This helps me see how much time I have to prepare till the exam day and helps me get organised with what lectures I’m meant to be focusing. I usually start reviewing my lectures 2 weeks before my exam day. This gives me allowance as well just in case I do miss out on a day so I don’t end up having a big lump of lectures leading to the exam day, where I need to be cramming.
  2. Make sure you’re not delayed with your notes: I think it is very important to be on track with your notes before you start your exam preparation. Does it not only save you time from writing but it allows you to just get straight into it and the information you’re reading will already be familiar to you. This way, revision flows through well and helps you retain that information. I find that if I still have to write my notes then start revising it, I end up taking longer than expected or procrastinating more.
  3. When it comes to exam preparation, make sure you have break times: I can not stress how important this is!! Without giving your brain a break, you will end up frying it and loosing all that information you tried to study. It also tires you out and end up just reading your notes and not retaining it. Make sure in your schedule, you incorporate break time where you can go for a walk and get some fresh air, grab something to eat and drink or even have a little nap. Your brain needs to rest and so do you!
  4. Eat well and get good enough sleep: I think this is one that many fail to do during this very stressful time. Myself counted. During this stressful period, I end up eating so much junk food and not getting enough sleep. However, in order to fuel your brain well and keep it alert and active, we need to be eating well and allowing it to rest with enough hours of sleep. Not only is it for the brain but also to prevent us from being ill. To prevent less pressure on us, we need to take care of our well-being.

These are just some things that I have picked up through the years of study. Give it a go and also let me know what different things you do to cope for exam preparations down below!

Just something to note, although I try to do all of the above, there are definitely times where it all doesn’t go as planned. Yes, those times have stressed me a lot more but I always learn from it. This time around, so far so good. Just keep your eyes on the prize in the end of the exam period… SUMMER BREAK!!

You can do this! I wish everyone all the best for their exams and pray that you all do well! Good luck and take it easy! 🙂



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