Time out

Having just come back from a weekend away, I am feeling very refreshed, re-oriented and very ready to take on life again with a better and more focused direction.

What is the importance of taking time out from our very busy lives?

This is something that I have always brushed off and never put too much importance in doing. I always feel like I’m too busy to even accomplish that. I’m the type of person who likes to be on the go all the time and always needing to accomplish something. I sometimes forget to slow down, relax and recover that I’m always almost so exhausted and stressed. Bed time  is the only time that I get to shut down and leave things as it is till I get up the next morning.

This weekend however, I attended a retreat which gave me the chance to recollect and freshen up. It gave me the time to look at how my life has been going in the last few months, to see which areas I need to improve on and what I need to prioritize in my life.

It really allowed me to be away from the busyness and noise of everyday life. It also helped a lot that the area we stayed in was secluded with no service and therefore, no distraction from texts, emails and social media! Really got me focusing!

I was able to let my mind clear up; all my worries, intentions and needs. It’s like having a shower and really just scrubbing off everything. Doing so, I felt like I was able to refocus and prioritize the things that I have lost along the way of the busyness. It allowed me to make goals and resolutions that I really wanted to work on.

From this time away, it also helped me to realize how time is very precious. Every moment has to be done well with love. In the world we live in now it’s all about urgency and not importance. We need to realize that a lot of the ‘urgent’ things we do, is not necessarily needed at that moment in time, unless in emergency situations. Many things can be allocated it’s own time. We need to give time in preparing and planning our day in order to be able to make the most out of it. To allow us to be able to put the ‘important’ things first rather than just the so-called ‘urgent’ things.

Now, I’m excited to pick up the busyness once more with a better sense of direction!

One thing though, this eagerness may not stay for too long, and next thing you know you’re back o your old habits. Therefore, it is important that at least every so often, to take at least 15-30 minutes out of your day to reflect on the goals or resolutions you set for yourself. This will allow you to refuel and keep that eagerness alive.

I do recommend, ever so greatly, to take some time away even if it’s just once a year. It is important not only for relieving stress or refocusing yourself, but is also very important physically and emotionally. It will help you see life in a better light and allow you to develop yourself. This will then affect on how you take on your day to day activities and your relationships with those around you.

Slow down and appreciate the life you have! 🙂

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