Fit24 Challenge update

Is it just me or did September just swing by so quickly? It felt like just yesterday I was writing about starting this Fit24 Challenge and now here I am doing an “end of challenge” update!

September may have gone by quickly but trying to accomplish the daily tasks made it feel a lot longer for me. However, I am very pleased with myself for taking up this chance to start a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

From the beginning, I already knew it wasn’t going to be very easy as the tasks of having no sugar, and getting 20 minutes of exercise a day was something I barely did in the first place. The getting 7-8 hours sleep a night was not an issue as I love my sleep and would do anything to be in my comfy bed!

So here is an outline of things I came across, learnt and found the most difficult while doing the month long challenge.

  1. It did not help so much that the month of September consisted of many birthdays, celebrations and feast days. Of course, these special days would involve desserts of some sort and who doesn’t like dessert?!? I, for one, would be the first in line for some! Not this time though. I had to turn down desserts and just watch the others savor it. But here’s my secret. I made sure I took my share and saved it for a cheat day or for when the month ended. 😉
  2. Speaking of cheat days. We were allowed 6 cheat days where we could have sugar. Guess what. I used them all. It just comes to show how much I craved for my sugar! The thing is, I used up 5 out of the 6 in the first two weeks of the month so I had to go for 2 weeks without sugar at all. Nightmare I tell you. I did get desperate that I bought myself  a 70% dark chocolate bar (we were allowed this during the challenge). For those that know me, I hate dark chocolate so this was really taking it a step further. It was really such a struggle for me not having sugar to munch on during the day!
  3. Exercise is very important. Making the time for exercise is actually hard especially when you’re days are fully booked. However, if you make the the effort to key it in during your day or go the extra mile while doing errands, then it is possible. I would end up getting off a few bus stops before my actual one to get more of a longer walk, chose to take the steps up to the 5th level at work or even walk to certain places instead of catching the bus. On days that I got home early with no work to do, I’d go for a good walk around the block. This is exciting for me as I know this is definitely something I would like to keep up.

There you go, the main 3 things from this challenge! I have to say though that I would like to continue on with the less sugar and more exercise as part of my normal day to day activities. Now, when I want to have some sugar, I think twice about it or if I do have it, I feel a bit gross having too much of it. I guess it’s good in some way that I’m not that into it anymore. Better for the health!

For those of you that gave this challenge a go or did something very similar, how did you go? What challenges did you face? Let me know in the comments below!

If you weren’t able to do this challenge last month, you can always start now. It’s never too late to give it a go. Just keep pushing yourself and don’t give up! Good luck!



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