Workshop, what is it about you might ask? is an educational initiative based in Sydney, Australia, whose aim is to educate young women with the knowledge to be able to make informed decisions based on what the media portrays. They promote holistic beauty through their varying modules of fashion, authentic relationships, unique style and self-respect.

I had the privilege in organizing the first ever workshops here in Auckland, New Zealand for high school students, university students and young professionals, along with the help of two other wonderful ladies.’s focus audience are high school girls in that they do workshops in high schools around Australia, however, since we got in a bit late with informing schools, we ended up with a weekend workshop.

Our speaker for the workshops was Judi Limbers, the CEO of Her presentation included topics on Philosophy of Beauty, The Real You and an insight to her newly launched fashion label, The Dress Shoppe.

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In the short amount of time allocated, the workshop involved activities which allowed the girls to think further of beauty rather than just as a certain physical appearance of someone, and also got them thinking of some role models who have contributed to society one way or another. It allowed these girls to see that beauty does not just rely on how your hair is styled, how your eyebrows are shaped or how your lips are formed. Beauty has a purpose in which it is to be used for the greater good.

True Beauty has definitely been warped by society, dropping these ‘subtle’ indications everywhere in the media claiming that this is ‘real’ beauty, when in fact it is not. It does not promote one to be valuing who they are and to be accepting of what they have been given. Instead, it lets these girls become more self-conscious of themselves, worrying that they are not beautiful enough, because they don’t look like that model or that their skin colour is not acceptable. They then tend to not value themselves anymore and not see anything deeper anymore than their physical appearance.

Yes, it is important to look nice and dress up to be presentable to others but that should not take over our lives. We have to have a balance. Be happy with who we are, present ourselves the best that we can and take on life. By valuing oneself, it leads to great happiness, which in turn affects your relationships in a positive light. A magazine that was shown in the workshop was one called, Darling Magazine, which had a whole page spread saying:

“None of the women in this magazine have been RETOUCHED.”

It’s beautiful to see this in a magazine, because as we know, pretty much every other one we see out there have photos of women who have been photo-shopped in some way to make them look ‘perfect, and more beautiful’. It is sad that this is the case, as these are photos that many women come across daily. This just feeds their mind images of what they should look like, when it is not even real at all. Now, people tend to compare themselves to images that have been fixed up and therefore are basing their own self-image to something fake. Here’s to hoping for advertisements and more magazines to be promoting holistic beauty!

You are perfect the way you are and nothing will ever beat that. Beauty has to be taken further and not just on what is in the outside. It also has to be looked at from the inside. It involves who we are as a person and how we shine that through on the outside. By doing so, our very own ‘unique’ beauty comes through. This is what makes up who you are and what makes those around you want to know you more and deepen their relationship with you. You are beautiful in your own unique way.


“The true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” -Audrey Hepburn

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  1. What a much-needed message for all women but especially for young girls as well – something the world would have us ignore. But ignoring it can only lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction with oneself and with life in general. Well done!

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