22 and counting

Last Friday was a special day for me. It marked my 22nd year of life.

22 years.

It’s a very weird concept for me to grasp that I am now in my 20’s. An adult. No longer a youngster or a teen. Though I may not feel it or act like one at times, it’s a fact that I have to grasp and accept.

I don’t really mind my ever increasing age, but there are times when it hits me hard and would like time to pause for a second or even go back in time to be a teen again. However, someone once told me that we can’t help growing old each year. It’s all a part of life. Instead of worrying about your age, appreciate the life you have been given and enjoy it.

Yes, growing old may be a scary thing for some but hey, as you grow older, you experience more things that you may not have been able to do as a young child/teen. It comes with the good things too!

I have gone through so many challenges in my life, good and bad, however, those have helped me become the person I am today. Looking back, there are some things that I wish happened or did not happen, but every event has lead me to today. Without those experiences, I may not have learnt what I know now or have a completely different view on things. No regrets!

I have also met so many people in these 22 years. From living in the Philippines and migrating here in New Zealand, during my teenage years. I certainly have kept a lot of these people in my life but may have lost some along the way. Nonetheless, I believe that people show up in your doorstep for a reason. To either make an impact in your life or for you to have an impact in theirs. They have all taught me many things; What pain and sorrow is but also what it is to laugh till your belly aches.

Overall, these last 22 years have been a wonderful adventure that I never thought would be possible for me. I can’t thank my family enough for making it what it is today and for only continually enriching me every step of the way.

I’m happy and very blessed to be given this life. Here’s to being 22 and to more years to come!

Age is only a number. The important thing is what you decide to do with the life you have been given. Live it well, laugh more and glide through the journey.


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