Free yourself

Not every single day of your life will be the happiest.

There will definitely be days of stress, anger, sadness, emptiness or loneliness.

Yes, we have to accept the fact that this is a part of life. We won’t be able to avoid these feelings whether we like it or not. However, the way we deal with these feelings is something that we have control of.

It is not to suppress these feelings but deal with them front on.

It is important to look into the root cause of these emotions and deal with it from there. It is not merely enough to just brush it off and say, ‘oh it’s nothing’, when it is really a big deal for us personally. By brushing it off in such a way, the main hurt or pain will still be there in the bottom, while the surface just being scraped of. To be able to get to the bottom of it, we have to be honest with ourselves and dig deep.

What had really bothered us? What had triggered me to feeling this way? Is there any previous negativity that I’m still holding on to?

Not only should we ponder on this on our own but to speak to someone for support and guidance. We may think we know how to deal with it but really when we are hurting we try to protect ourselves and close up, that our decisions may tend to not be the best one there. Opening up to someone may also help relieve the stress you are carrying inside. I for one, like to tell people how I feel. It’s not easy but having that feeling of having a weight off my shoulders is something just too good. That first conversation may not resolve the issue but may be the starting point to something better for you. Remember, there are people around you for you to lean on during your difficult times.

Prayer is another big thing for me when I am going through a difficult time. When something is greatly bothering me, my first point of call is to turn to prayer. I feel comforted in that moment and it allows me to feel that everything will be alright sooner or later. Prayer also gives me the strength to be able to go through the problem and see the good in the end of the tunnel. It is also a time where I can feel some peace of mind even if its just for that moment. It’s my pocket of fresh air, to start again and deal with the problem from another point of view.

Trusting in the good is an important aspect in this as well. Trust that everything will work out in the end. It may seem that at this point it will never get better but you have to go through the bad to get to the best parts. One thing I always tell myself ┬áis that ‘everything will be ok’. Don’t get me wrong, but even when I say it to myself, I sometimes feel like I’m fooling myself. But really, believe in it. There is always good that will come out of everything, even if it may seem like the worst of things. Make a plan for yourself for when you come out of this and focus on that. Direct yourself to a better tomorrow.

Never bottle all your negative feelings inside. Little by little, all those negative feelings will pile up and build. In the beginning it may seem that you’re coping alright but as those negative feelings continue to take over you, it is not going to be good in the long run.

Let it out. Be brave. Every trial you face is a chance for you to grow and become a better person.

cs lewis

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