Europe Adventures: Hola Madrid!

After an amazing 10 days in Rome, our group headed to explore Spain.

First stop was Madrid.

A very beautiful city! Compared to Rome it definitely had that modern influence. We spent one full day walking everywhere and exploring this city. We were able to visit Plaza de Mayor which is the central plaza in Spain. There they had various stores and markets going on. A good place to experience some souvenir shopping! The busy-ness around the plaza was entertaining. You had people selling paintings, people in costumes acting like their characters, and different other stalls. Apparently, it could get 10 times more busy at certain events during the year. I can only imagine what that would be like!

We were also able to experience a true Spanish lunch which started at 2 pm with some appetizers of our choice, followed by our chosen main meal then dessert. With all this going on, along with a lot of chit chat, did we realize that time had run past us and it was 5 pm! I have to say that would have been the biggest meal I’ve ever had on this trip and probably the longest! To all our amazement, this is was a normal thing in Spain. Very unusual for us tourists which therefore just led us to having only churros for dinner that night.

Being able to walk the beautiful streets of Madrid was just amazing. I absolutely loved the look of the balcony homes whether they were old-fashioned looking or modernized, seeing all the beautiful buildings of old and new structures, and churches as well.

2015-04-06 10.29.522015-04-06 17.57.462015-04-06 13.22.392015-04-06 21.17.46   2015-04-06 11.08.09

Retiro Park was one of my favourites. A very massive park that had such beautiful scenery! You saw people on their bikes, walking their dogs or even on a small boat on the lake. It just blew me away. It is just the perfect place you would want to be in to be able to relax and get some peace of mind!

2015-04-06 20.13.12 2015-04-06 20.20.07 2015-04-06 20.55.44 2015-04-06 20.59.32

Despite our very short stay in Madrid,  I felt like I was still able to experience a lot of that Spanish culture. It really did help that we walked around which allowed us to be able to experience and see more of what Madrid had to offer. However, this is not where our Spanish journey ends. We were now off on a road trip to Barcelona!

Adios for now Madrid!

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