Beach essentials

It’s that time of the year guys! Beach times!

I love being at the beach as it is the most relaxing and peaceful place to be. Just hearing the sound of the waves, the sun on your skin, and the soft, warm sand on your feet. It’s the best place you can be during summer time!

Here are some essentials to have while you are relaxing by the beach!

1. Sunscreen

Number one essential!! Protects your skin from burning.

2. Sunglasses and a Sunhat

Protects your eyes from the sun! It gets very bright on the beach and I definitely use it while I’m there. The sunhat also provides some sort of shade for you too!

3. Towel

To wipe yourself down after a nice swim and can also serve as a mat where you can lie down on to soak in the sun and just listen to the water.

4. Togs

Of course we can’t forget this! What’s a day in the beach without going for a swim? But then again, it is also a good place to lie down and read a book. So really, it’s up to what you feel like on the day!

5. Slippers

Easy footwear. Just chuck it on and off!

6. Sarong

Something nice to just wrap around your waist after a swim!

Hope you guys have a great time at the beach and make the most out of it! Summer won’t be here again for another six months!


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