Christmas gift ideas

Can you believe it, it’s 12 more days till Christmas?!? The days are zooming by too quick! At the back of my head, I still think Christmas is still more than 2 weeks away but then again, working at the mall, it’s now crazy busy. You have people rushing around trying to find perfect Christmas gifts but you also get those who are in no rush and just gathering ideas.

When it  comes to Christmas shopping, I don’t really have a set day or week to do it in. I just make sure I get them done at least a week before Christmas. The thing that stresses me out the most is not knowing what to get people. I think that’s what delays me a lot. I love buying people presents but it’s just quite hard to know what exactly the person might like. So if you’re like me and need a bit of help, I thought I’d just share some gift ideas to ease your shopping!

These ideas are not solely my own but bits of pieces from customers I’ve spoken to in store or from friends and family.

1. Clothes

– Can never go wrong with this! Well, maybe you can if you’re not too sure of their size or style. But, that is always resolved, as it can always be taken back for an exchange, so no worries there!

2. Shoes

– Not a very easy thing to get unless you can sneakily ask for their shoe size! But again, I think it’s a good one especially if you, as the person who will be receiving it, do really need the shoes.

3. Jewellery

– For me, it’s jewellery any day! If that’s all I’m ever going to get, i’ll be happy. It’s a very easy and simple gift to give someone. Plenty of designs out there and styles, from earrings to necklaces to rings and bracelets.

4. Baked goodies

– Nothing better than home-baked goodies! I think it’s a great gift as it was specially made by YOU. Makes it extra special!

5. Bags

– Quite a practical thing to get someone. Bags are always being used for different things and therefore will definitely be a very useful present.

6. Kitchen items

– A good gift idea especially when you are buying something for a family. It’s always nice to get new kitchen stuff and you’ll know for sure that it’ll be put to use!

So there you go. Just some simple, practical gift ideas.

Don’t forget, that you don’t have to spend on the most expensive thing out there. Even by just giving your time to help others or being there for a friend or family will already make their Christmas special. As long as your heart and the intention is there, no matter what your present may be, it’ll be the best one yet.

Don’t stress. Happy shopping! 🙂


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