Summer must-haves!

Having Summer just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share some essentials that you could update your wardrobe with. You can never go wrong with these!

1. Camisoles

– These are quite good to layer under crop tops and see through tops. The essential colours I would suggest to have are nude, white and black. But you can always grab coloured ones if you wanted to match it with a specific top.

2. Short sleeved cardigans

– These are really good to have on top of dresses or tops that are sleeveless. It is also nice to have to complete an outfit as it can add a bit more detail and flare.

3. Sandals and Jandals

– So excited for sandals! I absolutely just love the look of them and the different designs they come in. The breeze in your feet is just the best feeling ever!

4. Hats

– I don’t own one right now but it is definitely on my to buy list! These are very good for those very sunny days especially when you’re enjoying a beautiful day at the park or beach. It just provides extra protection from the sun.

Thanks to my sister for posing for this picture!  Hat is from Kmart. Thanks to my sister for posing for this picture!  Hat is from Kmart.







One thought on “Summer must-haves!

  1. Hey Kristle! Thanks for the tips! I like the idea with the camisoles to be layered under the crop tops! Because I quite like the look of crop tops but I just didn’t like the fact that my stomach is in show.. I also use camisoles underneath them, great to here that someone else had the same idea!


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