Who is my fashion icon?

To be very honest with you, when asked this question, I never have an answer. I don’t really have a particular person that I base my style on or look to for style ideas. When someone with good fashion style or someone who dresses very well catches my eye, I immediately commend them for that. I love seeing different people in their own style because it is what makes them, themselves. It’s one way of showing people who you are. Each to their own.

Yes, some of you may have a particular person that you look up to for their fashion sense and try and grasp ideas from them and that’s great! For me however, I don’t, but there is someone that I really admire for her way of dress. Kate Middleton.

I love seeing photos of her in her beautiful dresses and even casual outfits! You may say, well she’s royalty and therefore is required to dress in that way but even then, the way she carries herself in those outfits! She has that elegance and grace of a woman.

To me, her true beauty just radiates in her form of dress. Through this, she is able to gain the respect and worth she deserves as a woman.

I’ve just collected some photos from good old Google, of some of the many outfits we’ve seen of hers. Let me know what you think of them! Please do also share in the comments down below, who you look up to for Fashion ideas.


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