Twinning it

I recently attended a 21st party where the theme was Red. I came wearing my red striped top, a black shear fabric skirt with a leather waistband, black blazer and a white statement piece necklace.

As expected, everybody else turned up in red and black. While I was standing there chatting away with some people, I spotted my friend come in, beautifully dressed and what do you know? We pretty much were wearing very similar outfits!

She had a red striped top on, same fabric type of skirt, black blazer and a necklace.

Our first reaction: Utter surprise. I mean like, what were the odds that we were going to end up wearing very similar things! We started laughing about it and called ourselves twins. We were meant to take a photo together however, as the night went on, it slipped our minds. So this is the only photo we got.  10410389_770185549694419_6643962832774479996_n

The thing is, I’m pretty sure this has happened to many of you. More so, wearing the exact same thing! Actually, this has happened to me at work. Working at a clothing shop with other girls, there is no doubt that one or two of us would be getting the same top and happen to wear it on our shifts together! Customers then come up to us and say “Is it uniform day?” haha!


I used to not like it when this happened because I thought it was really awkward and weird. However, I’ve learnt to deal with it now. It’s not at all that bad! It’s something that you and your friend can just laugh about and be twins for the day (I’ve always wanted a twin!). Also, great minds think alike!

Despite all that ‘twinning’, there still is a difference between you two. It’s you as the person. Whether you have the same outfit on or not, you’re still you. A unique person, that not even similar outfits can change. Carry yourself with that confidence and be yourself!

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