Dressing up during the morning rush

Always rushing in the mornings? Can’t pull out a decent outfit on the spot? If that sounds like you, then that makes the two of us!

Trying to make my 8 am classes by making sure I don’t miss the bus but still be able to have some breakfast before I leave, is quite a handful if you ask me. ┬áSo thinking of a decent outfit on the spot just adds on to the delay. To be quite honest with you, I spend maybe a good couple of minutes just staring blankly at my wardrobe in the mornings, half-asleep. It is during these difficult days that I just go for my jumper, jeans, sneakers and a messy bun. However, I prefer to dress up a little bit to be more presentable. For me, to be able to achieve this, I have to do a few things the night before.

If you feel like dressing up a bit more than your usual slouchy, casual look then here are some tips on how you can go about this during your early morning rush.

The night before:

1. Have a look at the clothes that you currently have.

*Can you think of outfits that you’ve managed to put together already in the past and would like to wear again?

*Are there new outfit ideas you have in mind that you want to try out?

2. Ask yourself: What do I feel like wearing tomorrow?

*This can definitely help narrow down your options. Whether, if you are to wear a dress, skirt, pants, shorts or leggings.

3. Mix and match your pieces until you’ve found the combination you are happy with.

4. Look into accessories, and shoes

5. Hang them up all together and move them towards the front of your wardrobe for easier access in the morning.

And there you have it! You’ll be as ready as you can ever be!

When I’m a bit more dressed up, I feel a lot better to be going out there and tackle the day. See for yourself and let me know if you agree with me.

Also, you’ll find that your morning will be smooth flowing and might even save you some time for a good sit down breakfast or do your hair nicer!

I thought I’d just leave you with this image which I thought was quite funny!








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